This applies only to people born in Hong Kong

To renew a BNO passport, please mail the following documents to:

ATTN: Passport Processing
522 Nelson St
Rockville, MD 20850
Tel: (202) 277-1669

  1. Photographs
    Two (2) recent 2" x 2" OR 45 (mm) high x 35 (mm) wide full faced color photographs with a light grey, or creme plain background and taken less than 6 months ago. The face must be square to the camera with the mouth closed (teeth cannot be shown). Do NOT smile in the photographs and hair can NOT cover the face. If you wear glasses, please remove them beforehand to avoid the possibility of rejections, due to glare and reflection on your glasses.

    On the back of one (1) of the photographs must be signed by another person who has known you for more than two (2) years and he/she must have a job. This person must also complete Section 9 on application form C1/C2. The person can NOT be a relative of the applicant or a notary. Endorse the back of the photograph also by writing "I certify that this is a true likeness of (Applicant's name)" and date.
    Please click here to view photo guidelines!

  2. Existing BNO passport
    If your BNO Passport was lost or stolen, you must also complete and submit Form LS01 in addition to the BNO-A or BNO-B form.

  3. ORIGINAL Hong Kong Identity card (PIC) - photocopy is NOT accepted. If your Hong Kong Identity card is lost, please complete the attached personal information sheet.

  4. A copy of photo ID (i.e. Driver's license, Permanent Resident Card, US or Canadian Passport, or State ID).

  5. Please provide ALL of the relevant ORIGINAL marriage certificate, AND/OR divorce decree, OR court order if your name has changed since the the last issuance of your passport.

Fees: (All Fees are in US Dollars Only)

  • Passport Fee (As of January 13, 2012):

    • Adult Form BNO-A: $244.00 (32 page passport)
    • Adult Form BNO-A: $288.00 (48 page passport)
    • Child Form BNO-B: $167.00 (Under the age of 16)

  • Processing Fee:
    • Regular Processing (4 - 6 weeks): $99.00 / passport

  • Return Postage Fee (FedEx): (Please note that all return mails are done only by FedEx service)

    • $35.00 (1-3 passports) - Overnight Delivery (Continental USA Only
    • $25.00 (1-3 passports) - 2nd Business Day Delivery (Continental USA Only)
    • $45.00 (1-3 passports) - Saturday Delivery
    • $55.00 (1-3 passports) - Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, USVI

*****Note: For the safety of your passport, please do NOT send your passport by regular mail. We only recommend FedEx to deliver your passport to us (not regular mail), so that if there is a delay, you would be able to track it.
We are a Passport and Visa Services company, not the British Embassy. Final decisions for urgent processing are made by the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. Processing may take longer if the British Embassy needs additional information, as well as if they need more time in processing the application.
Our service is for those who do not have the time or skills to apply for passports on their own. If you wish to apply on your own (no service fee), please go to the official UK government website and follow the instructions there.


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